Privacy Policy

UPDATED: JULY 18, 2021

At Artsen zonder Grenzen (hereinafter MSF) we put great importance on the protection of your personal data. We process your personal data with the utmost care and fully in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation Implementation Act. This Notice explains when and how we collect your personal data when you use our website and the rights you have over your own information.

Information about who we are

MSF is the 'responsible' in the sense of the GDPR and therefore responsible for the correct and legitimate processing of your personal data. MSF is registered at Plantage Middenlaan 14, 1018 DD in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Cookies on our website

When you visit our website, we use cookies to collect standard internet log-on information and details of visitor behavior patterns (e.g. to find out the number of visitors to different parts of the site). This enables us to analyze and improve the content of our site and the navigation experience of users. We do not use this information to attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website.

For full details of the cookies used on our website, see our Cookies Notice. You can disable or delete some or all cookies in your browser setting, although this may affect some parts of the site's functionality.


There are several ways that you may provide personal data to MSF, including when you:

  • Register for an account under the SWOT app
  • Sign up to receive email updates
  • Contact us with questions or directly from you when you contact us to set up an account to use the Safe Water Optimization Tool (hereinafter SWOT), with any questions about the use of the tool, or when you subscribe for our newsletter.


We always apply the data minimisation principle and will only ask you for personal data necessarily needed.

Account set up / enquiries:

When you contact us to set up an account to use the SWOT or with any questions about the use of the tool, we will ask you for your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Organization

We will use these data only to set up your account to use the SWOT (if this was requested) or to respond to your inquiry. When you activate your account to use the SWOT, we will collect information about your account activity while using the SWOT. We may use this information and the contact information you have provided us with to contact you with any questions relating to your use of the SWOT or to obtain your feedback about the SWOT.

We will keep your personal contact information until you have asked us to deactivate your SWOT account and for limited period after your account has been deactivated in order to contact you for feedback about the SWOT, or about the data you have uploaded to the SWOT. We will keep your organization name on record indefinitely for internal and marketing purposes.

Use of the Safe Water Optimization Tool (SWOT)

If you choose to use the SWOT app you will be required to provide data (for example by uploading a spreadsheet or .csv file). Any information you share with us through the tool, or as part of providing support may be stored, processed and accessed by us to help us monitor and improve the performance of the app, to provide support or to support research.

Data required to use the app:

Use of the SWOT app requires submitting data about the water quality at a specific location. The SWOT uses this information to provide recommendations about water treatment. The types of data required to produce a recommendation include water quality parameters such as water temperature, electrical conductivity and concentrations of free residual chlorine; as well as information about the date and time that these measurements were taken. This data is stored, processed and accessed by

Other data:

When you upload this data into the app, you may link the data to an organisation, project or geographical location. Any file that you upload to the SWOT app may contain other types of data other than that required by the app. Files uploaded to the SWOT app are stored in their original, unencrypted, form to help us monitor the performance of the app and to provide support. It is important that you comply with your organisation's own data protection policy when sharing monitoring information with us. In particular, you must ensure that any personally identifiable information (for example, names, location


When you subscribe for our newsletter, we will ask you for your email address. We will use your email address only to provide you with the requested newsletter. We will delete your personal data when you ask us to unsubscribe from the newsletter distribution list.


The Safe Water Optimization Tool is a collaboration between the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research at York University (Toronto, Canada) and Artsen zonder Grenzen/Médecins Sans Frontières (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). We use other organizations to help us process personal data and perform certain activities on our behalf. Our partners are allowed to use the personal data only for the assignment they receive from us and are obliged to use your personal data carefully and secure them. Our partners must keep the personal data confidential and destroy it after use. We always make clear agreements about this in advance.

We will, in no case, sell your data or simply make it available to other organizations or companies.


We have taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. We ensure the safety of your personal data not only electronically (through measures such as, but not restricted to, encryption at rest and in transit, use of firewalls, use of individually assigned accounts, or updating software and running patches), but also physically (for example by keeping only necessary files on paper, in locked cabinets, and by having access cards), and through organizational measures such as training our staff accordingly, and ensuring that they do their best to protect your data.


We process your personal data relating to your account to use the Safe Water Optimization Tool or to the questions/messages you have shared with us based on our legitimate interest, as it is necessary for us to understand the use of the tool, the frequently asked questions, and your feedback. Furthermore, it is important for us to manage the users in order to ensure the security of the personal data.


The General Data Protection Regulation grants you several rights with regard to your personal data, such as the right to access, modify or delete your data. In order to exercise these rights, please contact us via and we will provide all the information you request as quickly as possible, which can take us up to 30 days. In some cases, we will ask you to identify yourself or to answer some identifying questions so we can verify your identity and ensure your data is not shared with anyone else.

  • Right to access means that you can request all the data we have on you.
  • Right of Rectification means that you are entitled to request the modification of your personal data if you believe that the personal data that we process about you is not accurate or up to date.
  • Right to restrict the processing means you are entitled to ask us to stop using your personal data or in some cases stop or limit the access, for instance when the data is not necessary to fulfil the original purpose for which you gave us the data, or if there is any disagreement about its accuracy or the legitimacy of its usage.
  • Right to withdraw consent means you can withdraw your consent for a processing at any time. This right is limited to the processing based on the informed consent.
  • Right to object means you have a right to object to any processing based our legitimate interest at any time.
  • Right to erasure ("right to be forgotten") means that in certain circumstances, such as when you have given us your consent, you can request us to delete the data we have about you, from our systems. If we have a legal obligation to keep your data, such as for example for tax purposes, we will only retain it for as long as necessary to fulfil its purpose.
  • Right to data portability means that in certain circumstances you have the right to request us to return the personal data provided to us in a standard format so that you can provide it to another responsible party. You can also request us to pass the personal data directly to the other responsible party.


For other questions about data protection, you can contact our Data Protection Officer via You can also send us a letter:

Artsen zonder Grenzen, Data Protection Officer, Plantage Middenlaan 10, 1018 DD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


If you are concerned about how your data is being used or if you want to file a complaint, please contact our Data Protection officer via email You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority. In case of Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) you can submit your complaint via the form available on their website (link here).


This privacy statement was last updated on: July 18, 2021. We will alter this privacy notice whenever necessary. If we implement any important changes regarding the way we handle your personal data, we will make this clear on our websites or directly contact you. If you have any questions, remarks, or suggestions, you can let us know by contacting us at